The knowledge of the past can free us from the shackles that the future may bring with itself.

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The history of Socialism in the 20th century is one of mass collectivization of state efforts at economic planning in order to transform hitherto agrarian/peasant societies into remotely industrial societies with mixed…

“The only thing we have learnt from experience is that we learn nothing from experience.” — Chinua Achebe

“Every society must attempt to answer questions about how it should be organized, usually on the basis of its own historical experience but sometimes also on the experiences of other societies.” …

…. because if we’re worried about human beings acting with undue cruelty or selfishness, we have to design an economic order that doesn’t encourage and reward those impulses” — Ben Burgis

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The core ideas in this article are lifted from the introductory chapter in my forthcoming book, After the Revolution…

The role of the writer is not a rigid position and depends on the state of the health of the writer’s society. In other words, if a society is ill, the writer has a responsibility to point it out…” — Chinua Achebe

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Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency is a lawless, callous, morally…

“This country has socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

A discourse point in this article was lifted from the “The role of Capital” chapter in my forthcoming book, After the Revolution, what next?

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Imagine thinking that the current economic system benefits you…

“The Sovereignty of women lies only in the hands of women, not men and not society” - Fakhrriyyah Hashim

The main discourse point of this article is lifted from the “Women will lead” chapter in my forthcoming book, After the Revolution, what next?

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Nigeria as a society together with its…

Basil Abia

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